Drainage, Watershed, & Runoff

Watershed Design

Watershed design involves leveling and grading the landscape so that when the rain lands and creates volumes of water, it naturally follows a flow away from structures and walkways and into a controlled drainage system. Without this crucial step, water may collect and pool without making it to the drainage system. This step may require grading and leveling, so you'll want to ask about sod installation as part of your project if that is a concern. You may also find this an excellent time to discuss your overall Landscape Design, which we will gladly discuss.

Drainage Options

We can install a variety of drainage options, from Downspouts to French Drains, River Rock Paths, and more are available. You also have options for drainage systems designed entirely or in part above ground or underground. Furthermore, Sundrop Gardens provides construction of retention ponds for residential and commercial projects. Considerations include the size of the property, varying degrees of elevation, municipal runoff capacity, and following your expert aesthetic guidance. Please contact us for a complete list of materials and design options.

Runoff Control

Runoff control is everything about drainage. A poorly designed landscape or drainage system leads to uncontrolled runoff and can damage your property and structure. Not to mention the health hazards involved in standing water. If properly designed, runoff becomes a factor at the end point of most drainage systems, tying into the municipal runoff control systems in most cases. However, this can also be redirected to a retention pond or another more extensively designated water control system. Contact us for details about your drainage system option today and get a knowledgeable, friendly consultation, or fill out our form for a free estimate.