The Season for Sod

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

The time of year you decide to have new sod installed can make all the difference in the outcome of your investment. Bad timing can turn your green to brown or leave a patchwork of bald spots. Good thing we're here to remind you that the perfect time of year for installing new sod is right around the corner. Most people will tell you spring or summer is the ideal time of year. However, if you wait until summer to get new grass, you've waited too long. Last summer was a scorcher with a lot of dry weather and hot temperatures. We expect more of the same this year, so we recommend planning on this property upgrade in spring.

Types of Grass Sod

Zoysia is a popular grass right now and something that matches the soil, soil density, and climate of the area. More common grass types for this area and climate are Bermuda grass, a fine blade with medium texture, St. Augustine with thicker blades, and typically darker green. However, during our consultation, we may recommend one over the other depending on various factors, such as soil type, watershed, drainage, and shade over the areas to be improved.

Landscape Preparation

Your landscaping may or may not be ready for sod in its current state. If your landscaping is going to change or you're planning other changes, this should be taken into consideration when planning your sod installation. Leveling and grading to ensure proper watershed may be required before sod can be installed, or you may have overgrowth that inhibits access to the designated installation areas. We'll want to provide adequate time to remedy any obstacles and landscape design issues beforehand so your investment in new grass results in complete satisfaction. Contact us today for a free consultation.