Seasonal Garden Beds

Make Your Landscape Come Alive

The season for refreshing those garden beds is here and Sundrop Gardens has the designs and quality service you're looking for. We leverage our extensive decades of experience with irrigation, lighting, soft scaping, hardscaping, and general landscape design to install some of the most eye-catching garden beds you'll see anywhere. From seasonal flowerbeds to hardscape garden beds, accent lighting and more. For readers who are interested in our available services, feel free to check out our Services page. If you're considering new Garden Bed installation, take a moment to complete our form for a free estimate or contact us for more information.

Hardscape Garden Beds

Hardscape garden beds are beautiful and a low-maintenance option that adds much curb appeal, even more so when you add accent lighting. This diverse style of garden beds can be populated with an equally diverse set of plants. You could go with seasonal plants, but try succulents or evergreen plant types for great-looking hardscape garden beds. You can choose from a wide array of plants that are native or even exotic, and that thrive in the hot and sometimes dry Texas climate, paired with a variety of stone, gravel, and wood to accommodate themes and styles from around the world.

Accent Lighting

After deciding on the design and size of your garden bed project, it's time to think about accent lighting. There are various options available for accent lighting of your garden bed. You could opt for a box of solar lights from department stores, but which one to choose? Working with Sundrop Gardens and consulting with us will make your life much easier. We can help you decide when wired or solar lighting options make more sense and guide you towards reputable brands.