Creek Bed Drainage

Creek Bed drainage is a visually stunning way to alleviate excess watersheds and runoff without the invasiveness of underground drainage systems or the hefty price tag that goes with them. There are aspects of a rock-layered creek bed in landscape design that you can't get from other landscape features. First, you get to choose from various rock and stone types. Second, these drainage features blend naturally into the landscape, giving opportunities in landscape design. Creek beds can be a singular solution or incorporated into a larger, more comprehensive drainage system plan.

Creek Bed Drainage

Functional Hardscapes

Hardscapes can be used for a variety of watershed and runoff control purposes. Hardscapes provide more than beautiful aesthetics to wrap gardens and rock beds, from controlled collection and drainage to directing watersheds. Use a creek bed to eliminate pooling and add a small wooden bridge to create a fairytale landscape. Consider incorporating stonework into your creek bed drainage to add more robust control and a more pronounced presence. Alternatively, build creek bed drainage to direct runoff from your home's rain gutter system. The nature of creek bed features means they can blend seamlessly into other hardscapes and softscapes, extending the range of possibilities in your landscape design.

Grading & Leveling

Your property may naturally have a good watershed, or through previous grading and leveling work, we can immediately add your creek bed drainage. However, if you would like to revisit your landscape design or are unsure if grading and leveling would be required before adding the creek bed drainage, please don't hesitate to contact us to consult with one of our professionals to get answers to questions like these and more. This might also be an excellent time to discuss any other landscape work you've considered. Feel free to explore our other services.